Have You Heard

Mondays at 9 PM
Hosted by Patrick Wolff

Patrick Wolff has been a professional jazz musician for 20 years, and although he likes Duke and Pops and Bird as much as anybody else in these parts, he takes great pleasure in exploring the endless avenues and narrow alleys through the world of jazz. There’s a wealth of classic sounds out there, and new music being made every day, but it can be daunting to stay in the loop! So each week, he'll focus in on the work of one single artist who deserves your attention. It might be a fresh face turning ears in a distant land, it might be a forgotten master buried in the stacks of lps, or it might end up being the cat playing at that place around the corner from your house. He'll play all of it- the abstract, the swinging, the outrageous and the courageous. Tune in, take a deep breath and get ready for some of the most stimulating and creative sounds in jazz, every Monday night at 9 PM on Have You Heard!