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    Most Recent Castaway - 16th November, 2018
    Joel Dorham (2018)
    Joel Dorham is one of the most prolific and electrifying Latin percussionists and bandleaders around.

    Long a pivotal force in Latin Jazz in the Bay Area, Joel was an outspoken critic of mass media's lack of coverage of jazz, leading protests against the major networks in the Congressional Black Caucus and elsewhere. In 1977, together with Nancy Wilson, John Handy, Freddie Hubbard and Jackie McLean, he was written into American history after testifying in front of the Congressional Committee addressing the future of jazz in media. (John Conyers was right there with them. President Jimmy Carter took note, too.)

    Joel was nominated for a Pulitzer prize in 1981, as is only fitting for a man with his musical and educational passion.

    Joel has been an Oakland native since his transplanting from Texas in the early 1940s. His older brother was the great jazz trumpeter Kenny Dorham.
    Pick Artist Album Song Label
    # 1 Kenny Dorham Una Mas If Ever I Would Leave You Blue Note
    # 2 Kenny Dorham Quiet Kenny I Had the Craziest Dream OJC
    # 3 Joe Henderson Page One La Mesha Blue Note
    # 4 Kenny Dorham Jazz Contrasts I'll Remember April OJC
    # 5 Chet Baker Dexter Gordon "'Round Midnight" Fair Weather Columbia
    # 6 Kenny Dorham Una Mas São Paolo Blue Note
    # 7 Kenny Dorham Whistle Stop Dorham's Epitaph Blue Note
    # 8 Jerry Rivera Cara de Niño Cara de Niño Columbia
    Book Ronald V. Dellums, "Lying Down with the Lions"
    Luxury Item Alexa