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    Most Recent Castaway - 8th June, 2019
    Kalil Wilson (2019)
    Oakland native Kalil Wilson is gifted with a powerful yet nuanced voice that can move effortlessly over the genres of pop, R&B, jazz, classical and opera.

    Kalil is a history and musicology guy: he knows the singers and the styles that have come before. This knowledge was instilled into him a young age: he's the son of well known Nigerian bassist and bandleader Babá Ken Okulolo, and an American mom who collects records—vintage jazz, African music, R&B, salsa, and so on.

    As a youngster, Kalil was mentored by the Oakland Youth Chorus and the Young Musicians Program at UC Berkeley. He earned a spot in UCLA's Voice and Opera program while working on an honors degree in his special love, ethnomusicology. His pursuit of jazz was encouraged by Kenny Burrell.

    Kalil's second full-length recording, "Time Stops" is out now: in it, he and Dan Marshak have put together something quite impressive.
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