Desert Island Jazz
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  • Gunnar Madsen (2019)

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    Bay Area native (from Palo Alto) Gunnar Madsen was aged 14 when he made the first steps on his journey to becoming a singer, composer, sound-designer, and actor: he began playing around with the guitar owned by his older sister, who was away for the Summer.

    After studying classical piano at UC Berkeley, Gunnar founded the internationally acclaimed a cappella group The Bobs, which occupied him—at least part-time—for a decade. He's written for the Minnesota Opera, for Lincoln Center, and for NPR. He's performed on "The Tonight Show", on PBS and the BBC, and on major stages across the USA. His music can be heard on the second season of "Sex in the City", and, together with his sound design, powers some of Atari's biggest hit games.

    Gunnar has been nominated for a Grammy, a Bammy, a Drama Desk and an Izzy. His latest release, "I Am Your Food," and his other Family recordings have won virtually every major award for Children's Music.
    Pick Artist Album Song Label
    # 1 Paul Bley and Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen NHØP Olhos del Gato SteepleChase
    # 2 Bill Evans The Last Waltz Nardis Milestone
    # 3 Thelonious Monk Who's Afraid of the Big Band Monk? Oska T Columbia
    # 4 Tower of Power Tower of Power What Is Hip? Warner Bros
    # 5 John Kirkpatrick Charles Ives, The "Concord" Sonata III. The Alcotts Columbia
    # 6 Lambert, Hendricks and Ross The Hottest New Group in Jazz Farmer's Market Columbia
    Book The Complete Works of Shakespeare
    Luxury Item A blender or a piano, depending on the nature of the island.
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