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  • Sameer Gupta (2018)

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    (Photo by Rebecca Meek)

    Drummer and tabla master Sameer Gupta was born in the Bay Area. He's been a student of music of the streets both here and in Harlem for many years, developing an interactive dual-language proficiency in American jazz kit drumming and Indian classical music on tabla.

    Sameer studied with Zakir Hussain and Pandit Anindo Chatterjee, and was part of a deeply creative Bay Area collective, The Supplicants, with David Boyce, Richard Howell, and David Ewell. Together with Ewell, Sameer is part of Marc Cary's Focus Trio

    Today Sameer lives in Brooklyn, and is actively involved in performing, curating, producing and teaching at various institutions including the Outside (In)dia Series, the Brooklyn Raga Massive, Carnegie Hall’s Global Encounters, and the Ragas Live Festival.

    His new album, "A Circle Has No Beginning", received a four-star review in Down Beat magazine. Of the recording, reviewer Frank-John Hadley wrote "The endgame is accessibility and potentially spiritual exaltation, drawing listeners into wondrous music of sophisticated technique and emotional heft."
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