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  • Steve Dalachinsky (2018)
    Brooklyn-born Steve Dalachinsky is multi-facetedt: a poet, and a visual artist (his collages are especially notable), who loves to work with musicians on the pursuit of motion.

    Steve has worked with many creatives over the years, among them the musicians William Parker, Matthew Shipp, and Susie Ibarra; the recently deceased Cecil Taylor was not just a collaborator, but a friend, too. Steve has appeared at most editions of the Vision Festivals, with these and other musicians.

    Wikipedia cites Steve's main writing influences as "the Beats, William Blake, The Odyssey, obsession, socio-political angst", as well as music (mostly jazz). Jazz is, in fact, the perfect medium for what he calls "transformative description/descriptive transformation".

    Steve has written liner notes for dozens of jazz artists, and his art is on album covers. In 1999, his CD "Incomplete Directions"—in which he recites 33 of his poems while backed on each by one or two from a cast of "free jazz" musicians, including Shipp, Ibarra, Parker, and Roy Campbell—garnered a lot of praise.

    He has partnered for over 30 years with another exceptional painter, artist and poet, his wife, Yuko Otomo.
    Pick Artist Album Song Label
    # 1 Thelonious Monk Thelonious Monk with Sonny Rollins Friday the 13th OJC
    # 2 Cecil Taylor Looking Ahead! Luylah! The Glorious Step OJC
    # 3 Dave Liebman and Steve Dalachinsky The Fallout of Dreams Breath Rogue Art
    # 4 John Coltrane Interstellar Space Jupiter Impulse
    # 5 Sonny Clark Sonny Clark Trio Minor Meeting Time
    # 6 Jack Micheline Give America a Break Rock Song Unrequited Records
    # 7 Thelonious Monk Thelonious Alone in San Francisco You Took the Words Right Out of My Heart OJC
    # 8 Clifford Brown and Max Roach Clifford Brown & Max Roach Delilah EmArcy
    # 9 Eric Dolphy Out to Lunch! Something Sweet, Something Tender Blue Note
    # 10 Albert Ayler Vibrations Ghosts Arista
    Book The collected works of William Blake
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