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  • Ed Klitsch (2018)

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    Jazz impresario Ed Klitsch grew up in Philadelphia, where, as an aspiring drummer, he discovered rock 'n' roll in the 1950s. His drum teacher gave him some sage advice, to stop working on the technique and, instead, to listen; and also not to quit his day job.

    From rock 'n' roll, Ed progressed to jazz, starting with Earl Bostic and progressing to Philadelphia jazz royalty such as Clifford Brown (Ed attended Clifford's final concert) and to the New York groups such as Miles Davis's that routinely visited the City of Brotherly Love.

    Ed was part of a wacky Spike Jones-inspired band called the Tootsie Pops. One day his minister asked whether he'd heard of the jazz programs at St Peter's Lutheran in New York City: perhaps they could do that there, bring jazz into the sacred spaces. That was all he needed.

    Since May 1985, Ed has been at it continuously for over three decades, now in the 13th year at Jazz Church West in Danville. He's meeting, promoting, on the phone, hearing all of his favorites, the list of which is very long.

    Ed's association with KCSM goes back some 20 years, when membership drives were, let's say, less sophisticated than today, consisting of perhaps three telephones on a card table. (Perhaps it reminded him of the Tootsie Pops.)
    Pick Artist Album Song Label
    # 1 Gerry Mulligan Salle Pleyel Concert, Vol. 1 Bernie's Tune Vogue
    # 2 Cannonball Adderley Cannonball Adderley Quintet in San Francisco This Here Riverside
    # 3 Dizzy Gillespie On the French Riviera Long, Long Summer Philips
    # 4 Clifford Brown and Max Roach Clifford Brown and Max Roach at Basin Street Step Lightly EmArcy
    # 5 Bennie Green Trio Testifying McThing Blue Note
    # 6 Anton Schwartz Flashmob Swamp Thang Anton Jazz
    # 7 Erik Jekabson Quartet Live at the Hillside Club Pent-Up House Jekab's Music
    # 8 Mose Allison The Earth Wants You Certified Senior Citizen Blue Note
    Book Frank R. Hayde, "Stan Levey: Jazz Heavyweight"
    Luxury Item Peet's coffee
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