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  • Loren Schoenberg (2010)

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    Loren Schoenberg is the one you want to hire if you need a great saxophonist who knows all the changes and has a complete repertoire of tunes from the 1920s through yesterday.

    Or you need some advanced arranging. Or someone to play contractor and get the best players for the job, and then wrangle those guys to the right place at the right time. Or painstakingly catalog your private record collection. Or write some comprehensive album notes for your recording, with precision and humor, and then win a couple of Grammies for them.

    Loren has done it all. He spent his teenage years hanging out with Teddy Wilson and Hank Jones, studied music theory and saxophone at the Manhattan School of Music, was secretary and then personal manager to Benny Goodman, and, following Benny's death, became curator of the Benny Goodman collection at Yale University, producing ten volumes of previously unreleased recordings. Somehow he has found time to present jazz on the radio for 30 years.

    Loren is a complete jazz historian, whose articles have appeared in the New York Times and the Oxford Companion to Jazz. In 2002 he was appointed Executive Director of the National Jazz Museum in Harlem.
    Pick Artist Album Song Label
    # 1 Ornette Coleman Coleman Classics, Vol. 1 How Deep Is the Ocean? Improvising Artists
    # 2 Sonny Rollins The Bridge You Do Something to Me RCA
    # 3 Mildred Bailey The Complete Columbia Recordings Never in a Million Years Mosaic
    # 4 Benny Carter and The American Jazz Orchestra Central City Sketches Sleep Music Masters
    # 5 Art Tatum Art Tatum: Live 1949-1951 Vol. 4 Ghost of a Chance Storyville
    # 6 Louis Armstrong Satchmo at Symphony Hall Muskrat Ramble Verve
    # 7 Artur Schnabel The Complete Piano Sonatas Piano Sonata No. 5 in D, Op. 28 EMI
    # 8 Lester Young The Lester Young Story Lester Leaps Again Proper
    # 9 Thelonious Monk Five by Monk by Five Jackie-ing Riverside
    Book The Complete Works of Shakespeare, or the complete volumes of Lapham's Quarterly
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