Celebrating Miles Davis

Ron Lee | May 27th, 2019

Miles Davis is acknowledges as one of the most influential and celebrated musicians. As a trumpeter, composer and band leader he pioneered many new styles of jazz during his career. His career spans the early bebop of the 1940 through the jazz fusion of the 80s-90s. Through all of his transitions Miles was always leading the way for the rest of the jazz world.

A quick browse through his web site at https://www.milesdavis.com/ will give you a glimpse of his prolific repertoire and styles. Even today they are releasing remixes of his classic albums Kind of Blue and Sketches of Spain.

On Tues May 28th we will celebrate Mile’s birthday with a 7am-6pm show. Alisa,, Jayne, Lee, Chris, Chuy and Mel will be on hand to detail the career of Miles Davis.

On the weekend the celebration will continues with:

  • Fri 6/7 2-6pm with Chuy and Mel
  • Sat 6/8 10am-6pm with Sonny, Dick and Mel
  • Sun 6/9 9am-2pm with Keith and Mel

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