Celebrate Legacy in Jazz Radio and Education: KCSM

staff | September 4th, 2021

Hey Jazz Fans!

In 2022 the College of San Mateo will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its founding March 31,1922. The legacy of this educational alternative to the four-year college will stand front and center and here at KCSM JAZZ 91 we are proud to be part of this legacy and its accomplishments.

As one of the few remaining 24/7 jazz radio stations in the United States, we continue to serve the San Francisco Bay Area, and the world, with the best in Jazz. Presented with aesthetic and educational purpose, our small but mighty crew of broadcasters and staff all share the mission of providing the best programming service possible for listeners like yourselves.

The list of luminaries who have graced our airwaves are legendary figures like Al Jazzbeaux Collins, Pat Henry, Tee Carson, Bob Parlocha, Jack Springer, John Rogers, Melanie Berzon, Alisa Clancy, and our current list of Jazz radio royalty like Dick Conte, Sonny Buxton and Richard Hadlock. Add to that legacy the numerous students who have interned and volunteered at Jazz 91 and of course our present on-air hosts who create an impressive stream of Jazz programming that is presented in a variety of diverse flavors.

Important to the legacy of Jazz 91 as well is how we have contributed to the growth of Jazz music in performance presentation and educational development. As a onetime Jazz studies student, I was blessed to have had KJAZ radio (founded in 1959 by Pat Henry) as guide to this music. Today there are listeners discovering Jazz for the first time and thanks to KCSM JAZZ 91, and your financial support, we are guiding and teaching them about the joy of Jazz and its heroes and heroines like Miles Davis and Billie Holiday.

I want to thank you for your support of Jazz 91. Your generosity means a lot to all of us here at the Bay Area’s Jazz station and speaks to the love you have for this music in all its diverse flavors. Now we need to ask you to help with a contribution during our Fall Fund Drive so we can continue to blanket the Bay Area and the world (via the internet) with Jazz music. You can make a pledge contribution at KCSM.org to help the cause and keeping Jazz alive at 91.1 FM and KCSM.org.

In closing, as the College of San Mateo celebrates a century of existence, Jazz 91 celebrates being part of an acclaimed community resource that has transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of students by providing opportunity to higher education, the great American equalizer. Through interviews, musical presentations, and most importantly our knowledgeable Jazz 91 announcers, Jazz 91 too educates our community, and the world, about the legacy of America’s indigenous musical artform, Jazz.

Thanks for listening (and contributing).

Bright moments!
Jesse ‘Chuy’ Varela
KCSM JAZZ 91 Music Director/Co-Program Director and
Host of The Latin Jazz Show on Sunday, and Jazz in the Afternoon, Monday-Wednesday.

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