Chris Cortez

Mid-Day Jazz Co-Host, Monday, Wednesday & Friday

My first exposure to jazz came at an early age hearing big band classics emanating from my fathers little clock radio. He would listen to a nostalgia / big band station and it was THE station that was on constantly in the house. I believe this is where I acquired a taste for melody, harmony and rhythm. It wasn't until later in high school that I began to appreciate the modern stylings of jazz...Miles, Coltrane, Stan Getz, etc. At SFSU's KSFS-FM, I produced and hosted an award winning program called the "Underground Cafe" which aired for two years focusing on the outer fringes of jazz. Most of my experience in jazz radio (all 8 years of it) was acquired here at KCSM and I feel so fortunate to have learned under some of the best jazz legends of all for Al Jazzbeaux Collins was my first real gig. Pat Henry, Tee Carson, Clifford Brown Jr, Dick Conte, Alisa Clancy, Melanie Berzon, George Hughes and KJAZ's (now KCSM's) Greg Bridges and Bob Parlocha were and still remain constant sources of inspiration.

On his music interests:

"I find musical enjoyment in just about everything from traditional Balinese Gamelan music to the latest Dub / Electronica offerings. The scope is so wide I have trouble finding music I dislike. As long as a piece of music is tasteful and possesses emotion, melody and harmony, I am all over it. Whether it gets my limbs moving or blows my hair back it is all good! This is why I enjoy jazz so much...It brings so many global influences together while founding itself in the Blues indigenous to our country."

On life in general:

Landing in San Francisco when I was 2 1/2 years old (from Pampanga, Philipines) was the best thing that happened to me. Being immersed in a city with a plethora of music and art culture only reinforced my affinity for diversity and artful expression. As a result, I've chosen to take the path down the musical road hoping to contribute something to the artform along the way. As a producer, musician, recording engineer and fellow human being I feel very blessed to be surrounded by such a special group of creative and beautiful people here at JAZZ 91 and the San Francisco Bay Area. I look forward to discovering some unchartered territories with you.