Jim Bennett

On his show In The Moment and his love of jazz.

I'm really excited to be doing a new in-performance series for KCSM know as In The Moment. I hope to follow in the wonderful tradition of Sunday Nights Suites as produced by Bud Spangler for so many years. With your help and support, I want to continue the standard of excellence that he set.

The spontaneity of jazz before a live audience, with its spirit and creativity and the response to that music in the moment is what first made me want to listen to jazz and document that irreplaceable feeling. I just can't get enought of the music and have been fortunate to have been involved in the recording of jazz since the early seventies. It was my way of being close to the masters and trying to learn more about the music from the best source possible.

I remember lugging my old Revox reel to reel tape machine into my car and driving all the way across the state of Ohio to record Charles McPherson and Barry Harris. Capturing Sonny Rollins on tape three nights in a row was a particular thrill! Working on NPR's Jazz Alive in its early days was excellent training ground. The musicians have always been considerate, patient, generous and grateful.

I'm pleased to collaborate on this series with the Jazzschool in Berkeley. I'm teaching a class there on the basic recording techniques and some of my students will be helping me with In The Moment. I'm hoping to pass on the art form of live recording and most of all, listening. I'll be incorporating many of the Jazzschool's rising stars' concerts from this past summer and recording in as many venues as possible. I have a commitment to local and young artists as well as nationally and internationally recognized musicians.

You can look forward to hearing from the likes of Sophie Milman, Roberta Gambarini, Karen Blixt, Pete Yellin, Jeff Chambers, The Lost Chords with Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, Andy Sheppard and Billy Drummond, Frank Morgan, Dick Conte, Jon Jang, Wayne Wallace's Rebirth Of The Cool, and, from the 2nd Rising Stars series at the Jazzschool: the B Natural Quartet, the Cressman Stinnett Quintet, Danny Lubin-Laden, Brama Sukarma, Hamir Atwal, Jazzschool advanced summer youth concert, the Maya Kronfeld Trio, the Aaron Bahr Jazz Quintet, and the Charlie Ferguson Latin Jazz Sextet.

So I hope you will take your front row seat with me at these live performances, so be In The Moment every Thursday night at 9pm.