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KCSM Statement of Solidarity

KCSM stands for Justice and Equality for all. We stand in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. And we support the diligent work of all organizations combating systematic racism and demanding practical police reform and accountability. We condemn the belief and the culture of hate and prejudice practiced by those who enable the brutalization of black people and other communities of color.

As KCSM programmers, we understand both our ability and our responsibility to bring people together through a common love of music. We take that responsibility seriously and program with intention. And we will continue to celebrate and honor the wide variety of Black musicians who have given us the extraordinary body of Jazz, Blues and other Black music that is the foundation and the heart of what we play daily on KCSM.

We urge our colleagues in the broadcast industry, musicians of every genre, artists of every medium and educators to continue using your unique platforms and voices to inspire focused, positive social change.

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KCSM Jazz 91 Program Archives
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In the Spotlight: The Black Masters with Bob Parlocha, Encore Presentation
In the Spotlight: The Black Masters with Bob Parlocha, Encore Presentation Sat, Aug 15th from 9:00PM - 10:00PM
The Sounds of Summer at KCSM include In the Spotlight: The Black Masters, a wonderful deep dive into our history of innovators, pioneers, and provocateurs in Jazz. The series was originally produced in the 1980's by beloved Bay Area broadcaster at KJAZ, Bob Parlocha. We so apprecate the Parlocha family for making these shows available to Jazz 91.

This episode features Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Part 3
I'm Talkin' Jazz
<strong>I'm Talkin' Jazz</strong><br> Sun, Aug 16th from 8:00AM - 8:30AM
Randy Weston with Dick Conte
Described as America’s African Musical Ambassador, pianist, composer and NEA Jazz Master Randy Weston was a dedicated practitioner of incorporating African elements into his music. His lasting compositions “Hi-Fly” and “Berkshire Blues” have become jazz standards.
Jazz Night in America with Christian McBride
Jazz Night in America with Christian McBride Mon, Aug 17th from 9:00PM - 10:00PM
Gregory Porter
The smooth, booming voice of Gregory Porter brought a galvanizing force to jazz when he broke onto the scene about a decade ago. It's a voice of exhortation, flowing out of the gospel church. A voice of dignity, in the mode of his hero, Nat King Cole. A voice of reassurance, whether aiming for the heavens or toward a single soul across the room.

It's also, crucially, the voice of experience - Porter's own, going back to his childhood in Bakersfield, Calif. For this episode of Jazz Night in America, the two-time Grammy-winning jazz vocalist opens up about that journey in conversation with our host, Christian McBride. We'll hear about Porter's transition from sports to theater to music and about the meaning behind some of his soul-baring songs, like "Don't Lose Your Steam."

We'll hear that song and others in performance as Porter and his band electrify a crowd at the 2019 St. Lucia Jazz Festival.
Desert Island Jazz Encore Presentation
Desert Island Jazz Encore Presentation Fri, Aug 21st from 9:00AM - 10:00AM
Roger Glenn
Desert Island Jazz is listening back this Spring/Summer to Encore shows with our Bay Area Giants of Jazz! From 2014 Vibes and Flutist Roger Glenn.
I'm Talkin' Jazz
<strong>I'm Talkin' Jazz</strong><br> Sun, Aug 23rd from 8:00AM - 8:30AM
Jon Hendricks with Chris Cortez
Known as one of the originators of vocalese (where words are added to an instrumentalist’s solo improvisation), Jon Hendricks was the principal lyricist for the groundbreaking vocal group Lambert, Hendricks and Ross. The multi Grammy and Emmy Award winner was inducted as an NEA Jazz Master in 1993.