KCSM Radio Interview Guidlines


submit your request directly to: Alisa Clancy

  • All interview requests must be made online, please do not call or solicit the individual announcers.
  • All requests will be processed in the order they are received and will be followed up with an e-mail.
  • Interview requests must be submitted at least 3 weeks prior to the date/s your are requesting.
  • If you are not living in the Bay Area, please make sure to include the dates you'll be in town.
  • Interviews will be scheduled at the discretion of KCSM.
  • No more than one interview per year.
  • All interviews are on site, we do not do phone interviews
  • No more than two people per interview, no last minute guests.
  • Interviews are 30 minutes or less except for Desert Island Jazz whose length is at the host's discretion.
  • All interviewees must sign a KCSM release form prior to the interview.
  • All interviews will be recorded and may be aired at a later date or made available as a podcast (without music).
  • All interviewees must have a commercially available CD that fits our format.
    • - We cannot process your request until we have auditioned your CD.
  • Live interviews will only be conducted at the following times:
    • - Monday through Friday mornings at 9 am with Alisa Clancy
    • - Friday nights at 10pm with Kathleen Lawton on Crazy About the Blues
    • - Sunday nights at 9pm with Harry Duncan on In The Soul Kitchen
  • Pre-recorded interviews will be broadcast on Sunday mornings at 8am on I'm Talkin' Jazz