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Beyond The Scars
Tue, Mar 12th from 9:00PM
This summer, more than nine million kids in the United States will go to the great outdoors and spend a week at summer camp. They will swim, horseback ride, canoe, hike, perform skits, and eat camp food. But, the camp experience is much more than just a week away from mom and dad; summer camp is one of the great tapestries in the journey to a productive adulthood. Camp teaches kids to unearth their individual talents and explore their social limits.

KCSM-TV spent a week at the Firefighters Kids Camp in South Lake Tahoe with seventy campers and 55 volunteers who explored the El Dorado National Forest, built relationships with nature and each other. But, this is no ordinary summer camp. This is a camp for a special group of kids - kids who are survivors of serious burns.

Children who are burned suffer tremendous physical and emotional damage. Skin grafts and plastic surgery cause children to become self-conscious of their bodies, and it becomes even more difficult to fit in with other kids. Many kids have physical challenges that would make attending a regular summer camp impossible, and being different when you are young makes growing-up a lonely process.

In order to help survivors of burns deal with these challenges, the Fire Department of Sacramento and the Firefighters Burn Institute created The Firefighters Kids Camp. Their mission is to provide young burn survivors with a fun and safe camp environment that encourages healing, personal growth, and character development within a natural setting.

Explore the vision and mission of the Sacramento Firefighter's Kids Camp, and the values that make camp a positive experience for kids - trust, respect, teambuilding, personal empowerment, and overcoming obstacles. Discover the history of the camp, the fire departments that participate, fire safety, and the volunteers who make the camp possible. Follow the growth in the campers from their first night away from home to the Big Dance at the end of the week, where campers will learn the true value of square dancing. This is a rare privilege for audiences, as the camp is closed-off to visitors and the media.

Meet adults who attended burn camp as children, and discuss how the confidence and skills they learned at camp as kids, has helped them succeed in their professional life as adults.

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