Upcoming KCSM Programming Change

KCSM has changed its program line up. All MHZ programming, including the International Mystery series, has been discontinued. KCSM will broadcast a mix of programming made available from American Public Television, National Educational Television Association, and other program providers. MHz programming is available at their website MHz Worldview

It was necessary for KCSM to terminate its agreement with MHz Networks because MHz's practices did not meet our standards or, in our opinion on advice of counsel, legal requirements for non-commercial stations. We complained to MHz repeatedly regarding underwriting and political call-to-action messages that did not comply with FCC regulations. MHZ has been either unable or unwilling to bring its broadcasts into compliance with the applicable requirements. KCSM is responsible for station programming and legal compliance. The station, not MHz, would answer to the FCC in the event of a complaint. For these reasons KCSM was obligated to discontinue airing MHz Worldview.