We know you care about KCSM and understand that fundraising is essential to our continued success. We also know that when you tune in to Jazz 91, you would rather listen to the music you love, than listen to an endless on-air drive asking for money.

This past fall (September 2016) we tried something new called the silent drive. Our new pledge model cut down on fundraising that interrupt our programs. The new silent drive turned out to be a big hit.... so we're not looking back! In fact, it was such a success that we're trying to shorten our pledge duration even more - but remember, we need your help to make this work. Here's the plan.

It all starts January 17th and is scheduled to end on February 3rd. Monday through Thursday is the silent drive and then our traditional model is Friday to Sunday. That means we are only having seven days of traditional fundraising, as opposed to the 9 days we had in September and the usual 14 we had before. In between we will be using email and short reminders that don't interrupt programs. We know you will like that!

We are leaving it up to you. Our promise is simple-the drive ends when we reach $275,000 and you will be able to track our progress right here on our site.

Your generosity makes the music and everything behind the scenes possible, so please give today.


Dante Betteo
Station Manager