Desert Island Jazz
Zaki Nadiri (2005)
Pick Artist Album Song Label
# 1 Dodo Marmarosa 1945-1950 Mellow Mood (Classics)
# 2 Shorty Rogers The Rarest, Vol. 2 (LP) Elaine's Lullaby (RCA Jazzline)
# 3 June Christy Day Dreams A Mile Down the Highway (Capitol)
# 4 Curtis Fuller Smokin' (LP) People, Places and Things (Mainstream)
# 5 Sam Noto Entrance! (LP) Nostalgia (Xanadu)
# 6 Oscar Pettiford Orchestra Deep Passion Now See How You Are (Impulse)
# 7 Miles Davis First Miles Milestones (Savoy)
# 8 Jack Wilson Autumn Sunset Waltz for Ahmed (Discovery)
Book "African-American Poetry" (Anthology 1773-1927), ed. Joan R. Sherman; or "Civilization or Barbarism: An Authentic Anthropology", Cheikh Anta Diop; or "Survival Strategies for Africans in America", Anthony T. Browder; or "The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes"
Luxury Item A swimming costume
Alternate Picks/Not Broadcast
Alt 1 Pepper Adams Ephemera (LP) N/A (Zim)
Alt 2 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Anthenagin (LP) N/A (Prestige)
Alt 3 Leonard Feather's Encyclopedia of Jazz All Stars Leonard Feather Presents the Sound of Feeling and the Sound of Oliver Nelson (LP) N/A (Verve)
Alt 4 Luis Gasca The Little Giant (LP) N/A (Atlantic)
Alt 5 Coleman Hawkins and Bud Powell The Hawk in Germany (LP) N/A (Black Lion)
Alt 6 Ahmad Jamal Alhambra (LP) N/A (Argo)
Alt 7 Roger Kellaway Cello Quartet (LP) N/A (A&M)
Alt 8 Ramsey Lewis Trio and Jean duShon You Better Believe Me (LP) N/A (Argo)
Alt 9 Junior Mance featuring David "Fathead" Newman Live at the Top (LP) N/A (Atlantic)
Alt 10 Music Inc. Music Inc. and Big Band (LP) N/A (Strata East)
Alt 11 Bud Powell Plays His Own Compositions Audrey (Blue Moon)
Alt 12 Don Randi Trio Where Do We Go from Here? (LP) N/A (Verve)
Alt 13 Lou Rawls Nobody but Lou (LP) N/A (Capitol)
Alt 14 Joe Williams That Kind of Woman (LP) N/A (Roulette)
Alt 15 N/A Jazz for a Sunday Afternoon, Vol. 3: The West Coast Scene (LP) N/A (Solid State)
Castaways by date
Steve Adams
30 May
Cheryl Bentyne
17 Oct
Will Bernard
11 Apr
Barbara Borden
21 Mar
Jim Butler
13 Jun
Ian Carey
21 Feb
Judy Chaikin
17 Jan
Mike Clark
10 Oct
Freddy Cole
21 Nov
Beth Custer
01 Aug
Harry Duncan
03 Oct
Kai Eckhardt
03 Jan
Lisa Engelken
26 Sep
Don Friedman
07 Nov
Roger Glenn
05 Dec
Kimberly Gordon
28 Mar
Marty Grosz
29 Aug
Alex Hahn
08 Aug
Bill Holman
28 Feb
Tommy Igoe
07 Mar
Namita Kapoor
22 Aug
27 Jun
Lisa Mezzacappa
24 Oct
25 Jul
Glenn Richman
15 Aug
Alfredo Rodriguez
25 Apr
Dan Sabanovich
02 May
Grant Stewart
12 Dec
Judy Wexler
04 Apr