Desert Island Jazz
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  • Zaki Nadiri (2005)
    Pick Artist Album Song Label
    # 1 Dodo Marmarosa 1945-1950 Mellow Mood (Classics)
    # 2 Shorty Rogers The Rarest, Vol. 2 (LP) Elaine's Lullaby (RCA Jazzline)
    # 3 June Christy Day Dreams A Mile Down the Highway (Capitol)
    # 4 Curtis Fuller Smokin' (LP) People, Places and Things (Mainstream)
    # 5 Sam Noto Entrance! (LP) Nostalgia (Xanadu)
    # 6 Oscar Pettiford Orchestra Deep Passion Now See How You Are (Impulse)
    # 7 Miles Davis First Miles Milestones (Savoy)
    # 8 Jack Wilson Autumn Sunset Waltz for Ahmed (Discovery)
    Book "African-American Poetry" (Anthology 1773-1927), ed. Joan R. Sherman; or "Civilization or Barbarism: An Authentic Anthropology", Cheikh Anta Diop; or "Survival Strategies for Africans in America", Anthony T. Browder; or "The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes"
    Luxury Item A swimming costume
    Alternate Picks/Not Broadcast
    Alt 1 Pepper Adams Ephemera (LP) N/A (Zim)
    Alt 2 Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers Anthenagin (LP) N/A (Prestige)
    Alt 3 Leonard Feather's Encyclopedia of Jazz All Stars Leonard Feather Presents the Sound of Feeling and the Sound of Oliver Nelson (LP) N/A (Verve)
    Alt 4 Luis Gasca The Little Giant (LP) N/A (Atlantic)
    Alt 5 Coleman Hawkins and Bud Powell The Hawk in Germany (LP) N/A (Black Lion)
    Alt 6 Ahmad Jamal Alhambra (LP) N/A (Argo)
    Alt 7 Roger Kellaway Cello Quartet (LP) N/A (A&M)
    Alt 8 Ramsey Lewis Trio and Jean duShon You Better Believe Me (LP) N/A (Argo)
    Alt 9 Junior Mance featuring David "Fathead" Newman Live at the Top (LP) N/A (Atlantic)
    Alt 10 Music Inc. Music Inc. and Big Band (LP) N/A (Strata East)
    Alt 11 Bud Powell Plays His Own Compositions Audrey (Blue Moon)
    Alt 12 Don Randi Trio Where Do We Go from Here? (LP) N/A (Verve)
    Alt 13 Lou Rawls Nobody but Lou (LP) N/A (Capitol)
    Alt 14 Joe Williams That Kind of Woman (LP) N/A (Roulette)
    Alt 15 N/A Jazz for a Sunday Afternoon, Vol. 3: The West Coast Scene (LP) N/A (Solid State)
    Castaways by date
    George Cotsirilos
    09 Feb
    Ed Klitsch
    05 Jan