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  • Natalie Cressman (2017)

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    Trombonist-singer-songwriter Natalie Cressman comes from one of San Francisco's musical families. Her mother, Sandy, is a singer immersed in the Brazilian and Afro-Cuban scene, while her father, Jeff—himself a trombonist—is a recording engineer and a long-time member of the group Santana. (She's also something of a chef, although she demurs, saying "domestic".)

    Natalie is still in her 20s today. During her first semester at the Manhattan School of Music, she was asked by Phish guitarist Trey Anastasio to join a solo project, and then to go on tour.

    Touring is something Natalie has been doing ever since. She's performed with Peter Apfelbaum's Hieroglyphics Ensemble and Sparkler bands, and Nicholas Payton's Television Studio Orchestra. She's appeared at the Apollo with Wycliffe Gordon's Jazz à la Carte. And she started her own group, Secret Garden, and has two well received albums, "Unfolding" and "Turn the Sea".

    Recently she's issued an intimate album, "Etchings in Amber", with guitarist Mike Bono, which highlights both her writing and her singing.
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