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  • John Handy (2006)

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    John Handy has written a number of highly acclaimed, original compositions. "Spanish Lady" and "If Only We Knew both earned Grammy nominations for performance and composition. The popular jazz/blues/funk vocal crossover hit, "Hard Work", brought him fame in another realm; while "Blues for Louis Jordan" displayed his talents in rhythm and blues. He has written many compositions of various sizes for both instrumental and vocal groups. His more extensive works include "Concerto for Jazz Soloist and Orchestra" which was premiered by the Parnassus Symphony Orchestra; and "Scheme Number One" which was lauded as a fine example of fixed and improvised music by the great composer, Igor Stravinsky.
    Pick Artist Album Song Label
    # 1 John Handy and Ali Akbar Khan Karune Supreme The Soul and the Atme (Audio Fidelity)
    # 2 The John Handy Quintet Live at Yoshi's Nightspot Spanish Lady (Boulevard)
    # 3 Miles Davis Kind of Blue So What (Columbia)
    # 4 Sarah Vaughan Live in Japan My Funny Valentine (Mainstream)
    # 5 Charlie Parker Yardbird Suite All the Things You Are (Rhino)
    # 6 Art Tatum The Definitive Art Tatum Elegie (Blue Note)
    # 7 Sister Rosetta Tharpe Live at the Hot Club of France This Train (Milan)
    # 8 John Handy and Class Centerpiece Stormy Monday (Milestone)
    Book The Bible, or "How to Make a Sea-Faring Raft"
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