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  • Alex Hahn (2014)

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    It's likely that emerging soul blues singer from Australia, Alex Hahn, always knew that she'd end up in music. Both her parents were jazzers—her father a piano player and her mother a singer. So Alex probably listened to a lot of singers while growing up, among them Etta James, to whom her first recording, "Wallflower" is a tribute.

    Alex relocated to Ireland in 2005, and fronted a highly uccessful funk band, Elektrogecko, with unique takes on jazz standards among other things. Returning to Australia in 2008, she teamed up with Charlie Meadows. This past year, they produced "Wallflower" with a seven-piece group, the Blue Riders.

    Alex receives a lot of good reviews. Of particular note is this one. "She prowls and purrs like a big cat. She's a brassy, arsey, young singer."
    Pick Artist Album Song Label
    # 1 Alex Hahn Wallflower I'd Rather Go Blind
    # 2 Etta James Burnin' Down the House All The Way Down RCA
    # 3 Otis Redding Live on the Sunset Strip These Arms of Mine Stax
    # 4 Alex Hahn Wallflower I Just Wanna Make Love to You
    # 5 Ella Fitzgerald The Cole Porter Songbook It's All Right With Me Verve
    # 6 Nina Simone Pastel Blues/Let It All Out Sinnerman Mercury
    # 7 Ani Difranco Dilate Shameless Righteous Babe Records
    # 8 Alex Hahn Wallflower God Song
    # 9 Lee Moses Time and Place California Dreaming Castle Music
    Book David Ritz, "The Etta James Story"
    Luxury Item "My guitar"
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