Desert Island Jazz
Judy Wexler (2014)

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Though born in Los Angeles, singer and actress Judy Wexler spent some formative years here in the Bay Area, beginning with her attending UC Santa Cruz, where she focused on theater and classical piano.

After college, Judy moved up to San Francisco, and was living in the Haight and doing some theater when she met her future husband, Alan. Although Judy's father had been, as she puts it, a "frustrated musician"—encouraging her piano from a young age, and for ever playing the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and Sarah Vaughan—the jazz bug had not bitten her. But Alan had a vast collection of jazz and an even more vast enthusiasm for the music (he still has), so it wasn't long before they were heading down the hill from their North Beach apartment to the Keystone Korner.

Some years later, they moved back down to LA, and Judy began getting work in theater and TV—she was on an episode of "Frazier". And she really dug into jazz, taking private piano with Terry Trotter, and singing with Sue Raney, Tom Garvin and Tamir Handelman

Since she's a natural performer, her story-telling is great, spirited and swinging. She has four recordings, the most recent of which is "What I See" on the Jazzed Media label, and it's a beauty.
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