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  • Barbara Borden (2014)

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    (Photo by Irene Young)

    Born in Connecticut, Barbara Borden grew up in Los Angeles as part of an entertainer family. Her older sisters were The Borden Twins, who had a comedy singing act that appeared on TV (e.g., "I Love Lucy") and in Las Vegas.

    Barbara has been a drummer since she was barely into double digits, and it was in this rĂ´le that she first became part of the Bay Area's women's music and spirituality movement in its early days, as part of the ground-breaking group Alive!

    Barbara has recorded with Terry Garthwaite and with Nicholas, Glover & Wray, and has performed in just about every setting, working across the spectrum from Airto to Linda Tillery to Kitka, and with dancers, artists, storytellers, poets, painters, and the Women's Philharmonic. She's traveled to the far reaches of the Earth, uniting, teaching, and learning the great healing power in music, and in playing together as a community.

    It was the twins who set her on this life's journey when they gave her her first drum set, and you can share her joy as ten-year-old Barbara gets her heart's desire when you watch the new documentary about her, "Keeper of the Beat: A Woman's Journey into the Heart of Drumming", produced and directed by three-time Emmy award-winner David L. Brown.
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    # 2 Mimi Fox Kicks Willow, Weep for Me Monarch
    # 3 International Sweethearts of Rhythm Sweethearts Oh, Lady Be Good Rosetta Records
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    # 7 Barbara Borden and the Hearts on Fire Band Keeper of the Beat Sing, Sing, Sing  
    Book Pat Rodegast, "Emmanuel"
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