Desert Island Jazz
Robert Stewart (2006)

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Robert Stewart did not even begin to play the saxophone until the age of 17. Born and raised in Oakland, California, basketball had been the primary passion of his youth. His 6ft. 4in. frame, earned him varsity shooting guard status on the Fremont High School basketball team for two years. However, Stewart was struck by divine revelation shortly after graduating from Fremont. While surfing the radio to find a Rap or R&B station, Stewart stumbled upon a traditional jazz piece being performed by a tenor saxophonist who sounded as though he were literally possessed or enraged. The intense pace of the tune was unbelievable. This piece was immediately followed by another of romantic or heavenly qualities, by a different individual; However, playing the very same instrument. These two jazz giants were John Coltrane and Ben Webster. The contrast in mood and timbre of the instrument played by the previously mentioned so overwhelmed Stewart, that he immediately asked his father to purchase a saxophone; Stewart's father happily obliged.

Pick Artist Album Song Label
# 1 The Platters 50 Golden Hits (LP) Ebb Tide (Spotlite)
# 2 Earth, Wind and Fire Gratitude Reasons (Columbia)
# 3 Yusef Lateef The Blue Yusef Lateef Like It Is (Atlantic)
# 4 Bill Withers Lean on Me: The Best of Bill Withers Whatever Happens (Columbia)
# 5 John Coltrane Kulu Sé Mama Kulu Sé Mama (Impulse)
# 6 Miles Davis Kind of Blue Flamenco Sketches (Columbia)
# 7 Patti LaBelle Greatest Hits If Only You Knew (MCA)
# 8 Gene Ammons Goodbye Goodbye (OJC)
Book The Qur'an
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