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  • Michael Manring (2013)

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    (Photo by Philippe Lissart)

    Bassist-composer Michael Manring was born in Annapolis, MD, into a musical family: three of his four grandparents were in the business to one degree or the other. He and his brother, Doug--a guitarist and drummer--started a group while still in high school in the Washington, DC, area, playing jazz & rock-fusion, and doing parties and weddings.

    Michael started at Berklee College of Music in Boston, but found studies incompatible with the degree of playing and touring he was already doing with progressive rock bands. In the 1980s, he did, however, get to study and tour with Jaco Pastorius

    In that same decade, Michael became the house bassist for the then-fledgling California label Windham Hill, which put him on some excellent recordings with the likes of Alex de Grassi, Will Ackerman, and, especially, the late Michael Hedges, with whom his relationship and recorded output was particularly creative.

    Michael has headlined his own band Montreux, and has been a member of the Henry Kaiser/Wadada Leo Smith Miles Davis tribute band Yo, Miles!

    Michael has explored just about every bass sound that could possibly be produced, playing mostly fretless bass--with alternate tunings--and also his Hyperbass.
    Pick Artist Album Song Label
    # 1 Egberto Gismonti Alma Loro Carmo
    # 2 Oregon Out of the Woods Fall 77 Discovery/WEA
    # 3 Michael Hedges Breakfast in the Fields The Happy Couple Windham Hill
    # 4 Elis Regina Bossa Nova Brasil Aguas de Março Verve
    # 5 Charles Mingus The Clown Haitian Fight Song Atlantic
    # 6 Scott Tennant Guitar Recital Mysterious Habitats Delos
    # 7 D'Angelo Voodoo Chicken Grease Virgin Records America
    # 8 Bill Evans The Best of Bill Evans Live My Foolish Heart Verve
    Book Jorge Luis Borges, "A Personal Anthology"
    Luxury Item A Zon VB4 bass guitar
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