Desert Island Jazz
Nika Rejto (2012)
Known in the jazz world only as a flutist, Nika Rejto is much more: she sings, and is a visual artist who has made most of her living over the past three decades in music and education.

Nika was born in Southern California into a very musical family: her father was Hungarian-born cellist Gábor Rejtõ, her mother still teaches music privately, and her brother, Peter, is, like their father, a cellist, and was formerly on the faculty of the Oberlin Conservatory. She attended USC, and the Berklee College of Music.

In 1998, Jack Bowers at "Jazz Now" wrote of Nika "There are only a handful of jazz flutists with whom to compare her … Frank Wess, Herbie Mann, James Moody", and she's played with Wess and their fellow flutists Hubert Laws and Jeremy Steig, as well as a host of jazz giants from Benny Carter to Horace Silver. Bowers paid her a fine compliment indeed, but there have been a lot of those over the years, referring to her great tone, strong melodic touch, and soul.

Nika's latest recording, "Little Wizdoms", is a pop-jazz collection of her own writing over the past decade.
Pick Artist Album Song Label
# 1 Nika Rejto Little Wizdoms Hobo Unika Records
# 2 Nika and Alice Rejto (not commercially available) Chopin Nocturne in C# minor, Op. Posthumous  
# 3 Al Di Meiola Flesh on Flesh Flesh on Flesh Universal
# 4 Vicki Burns Live at Anna's Jazz Island All or Nothing at All Reapandsow Music
# 5 Dori Caymmi Poesia Musicada Velho Do Mar Music Taste
# 6 Nestor Torres Dance of the Phoenix Milonga Verve
# 7 Marco Granados Amanacer Apanhei-Te, Cavaquinho! Hermes
# 8 Paul Broadnax Here's to Joe Everybody Wants to Be Loved by Someone Brownstone
# 9 Nika Rejto Little Wizdoms I Felt Your Touch Today Unkia Records
# 10 Michel Petrucciani Promenade with Duke C-Jam Blues Blue Note
# 11 James Leary Together Remember to Smile Lifeforce Jazz
Book Joseph McElroy, "Women and Men"
Luxury Item "My bed and pillows"
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