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  • Dave Bendigkeit (2012)

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    (Photo by Greg Toland)

    Illinois-born trumpeter Dave Bendigkeit has lived in the Bay Area since he was a boy, and has been playing here for almost that long.

    Dave has been first-call on literally thousands of sessions, with the likes of Ella Fitzgerald and Mel Tormé, on Motown gigs and orchestra gigs, with the ballet orchestra, on commercials, on jingles, … He has three recordings under his own name, and, recently issued, an excellent duet recording, "In Your Living Room", with pianist Denny Berthiaume.

    Dave has written two instructional music books—perhaps not surprising when you consider that he's taught hundreds of students, be it in private, or at music stores, or at the College of Marin, where he was on the staff in the 1990s.

    Dave began training in the martial arts in 1967, at roughly the same time as his beginning on the trumpet—to which he refers, only part in jest, as "the only real instrument". He's an eighth-degree black belt, and is the founder of Shintaikido. He's also the founder of Ki-Works in Pacifica, which he describes as "a system of energy training for people from all walks of life".
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