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  • Keith Terry (2011)

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    (Photo by Paul Haggard)

    Texas-born Keith Terry describes himself as a body musician: he's a dancer, drummer, composer, producer, and ring-master. He has conceived and directed countless music projects around the World during his three-decade-plus career, using his body as the Griot, the storyteller.

    Keith's interests over the years have ranged from Japanese taiko and Balinese gamelan to North African rhythm tap, to Ethiopian armpit music. He's a musical blur of sounds, probably best known for his solo work. He's toured throughout the US, Europe and Asia, from the Serious Fun at Lincoln Center, to Wolf Trap to the American Center in Paris, the Bali Arts Festival and the Vienna Dance Festival. He's also recognized for his contributions with the Pickle Family Circus, Bobby McFerrin, Honi Coles, Robin Williams, Tandy Beal, Geoff Hoyle, The Bobs, the Turtle Island String Quartet: the list goes on.

    In his ringmaster role, Keith has been able to bring together really talented people across the art disciplines for extraordinary shows and projects. He's also a great teacher, who over the years has won awards from the NEA, the Asian Cultural, Meet the Composers, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Hewlett Foundation, … not to mention his being a 2008 Guggenheim Fellow.

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    # 3 The Tahitian Choir Rapa Iti Morotiri Nei Triloka
    # 4 Tinariwan Amassakoul Chet Boghassa World Village
    # 5 Astor Piazzolla The Lausanne Concert Buenos Aires Hora Ceo Milan
    # 6 Barbatuques Oseguíente é Esse Baiana MCD
    # 7 unknown unknown Ethiopian Armpit Music unknown
    # 8 Staff at the University of Ghana Post Office The James Koetting Ghana Field Recording Collection Postal Office Music Center for Digital Initiatives, Brown University
    # 9 Idjah Hadidjah Tonggeret Bayu-Bayu Elektra
    # 10 The Blind Boys of Alabama Spirit of the Century The Last Time Real World
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