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  • Marque Gilmore (2011)

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    Drummer Marque Gilmore was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and transplanted to Brooklyn, New York. He's a founding member of NYC's Black Rock Coalition, and is critically acclaimed worldwide for his international music and multi-media performance project DRUM-FM.

    Marque has worked with a wide array of leading musicians and producers, including British-Asian tabla player, and father of modern Asian electronica music, Talvin Singh, Joe Zawinul, vibes legend Roy Ayers, Vernon Reid, Me'Shell Ndegéocello, Steve Coleman, kora virtuoso Toumani Diabate, and his own guitar-playing brother David.

    One of Marque's primary musical focuses since the mid-1990s has been collaboration with Malayan musicians incorporating Drum and Bass. He's currently touring with Omar Sosa.

    According to the British Sunday newspaper "The Observer", Marque was playing Jungle before it was invented, and he's the one who put drums into Drum and Bass."
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