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  • Bruno Louchouarn (2011)

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    Growing up in Mexico City, Bruno Louchouarn had no plans to become a composer. After graduating in his native France in mathematics, computer science, and artificial intelligence, he was back home again when the Mexico City earthquake struck in 1985.

    The experience, especially that with the French engineering teams who came to help in the rescue, literally changed his life: it taught him how short life can be, and, as he himself puts it, "I was not completely happy with what I was doing, and was still young enough to change routes." Recollection of a high school quartet which had performed Latin American music in coffee houses caused Bruno to start composing again. One thing led to another, and graduate studies at UCLA led to film work, which itself led to music he'd composed before UCLA being used in the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Total Recall".

    Bruno teaches multimedia and cognitive science at Occidental College. His music and multi-media compositions today are informed by his cognitive studies, and often seem to focus on aspects of language and narrative structure, emotion and myth. His music ranges from the futuristic, Cantina music of "Total Recall" to live multi-media performances and installations. His visit to KCSM coincides with the premiere of "Night Falls" at ODC in San Francisco. Future premieres include his opera, "Voices in the Dust", scheduled for 2012 at UCLA.
    Pick Artist Album Song Label
    # 1 Miles Davis Kind of Blue All Blues Columbia
    # 2 Eydie Gormé and Trio Los Panchos Eydie Gormé Canta en Español Sabor a Mi CBS
    # 3 Stan Kenton Blue Berlin Say It Isn't So Blue Note
    # 4 Gerry Mulligan Walk on the Water For an Unfinished Woman DRG
    # 5 Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli The Best of Django Reinhardt Minor Swing Blue Note
    # 6 Igor Stravinsky Cleveland Orchestra, Pierre Boulez Conductor The Rite of Spring Deutsche Gramophon
    # 7 Gidon Kremer Homage à Piazzolla Cellos Nonesuch
    # 8 Jesus Alemani Cubanismo Homenaje a Arcano RYK
    Book A fake book
    Luxury Item A Steinway grand piano
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