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  • Maxwell Chandler (2008)
    Maxwell Chandler is a jazz writer and critic who grew up both in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Europe. With a modesty that characterizes him, he claims to have merely fiddled around with guitar and piano before finding his real instrument, writing about music rather than creating it. As long as he can remember, hes been a fan of jazz after hearing the music of Monk and Coltrane floating out of a tobacco shop.

    Hes a detail man, painstakingly researching and preparing for each interview, be it Chico Hamilton, James Spaulding (of whom hes a big fan), Alvin Queen, or Sathima Bea Benjamin.

    Maxwell is currently a syndicated columnist for, among other places, Jazz Review, All About Jazz, and Jazz Police.
    Pick Artist Album Song Label
    # 1 L'Arpeggiata Christina Pluhar La Tarantella Luna Luneda (Alpha)
    # 2 Seu Jorge The Live Aquatic Studio Sessions Life on Mars (Hollywood)
    # 3 Serge Gainsbourg Du Jazz dans le Ravin Black Trombone (Phillips)
    # 4 Miles Davis Ascenseur pour l'Échafaud Nuit sur les Champs Elysées (Génerique) (Fontana)
    # 5 Amália Rodrigues The Art of Amália Rodrigues Men às Parades Confesso (Metro Blue)
    # 6 Cuarteto Aníbal Troilo Living Room Paris à Pas (Tinder)
    # 7 Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie Bird and Diz My Melancholy Baby (Verve)
    # 8 Thelonious Monk Monk Plays the Music of Duke Ellington Black and Tan Fantasy (Riverside)
    # 9 Don Byas Jazz in Paris: Laura Summertime (Gitanes)
    # 10 Lee Konitz and Ohad Talmor with the Axis String Quartet Play French Impressionist Music of the 21st Century Sur un Lanterne (Palmetto)
    # 11 June Christy and Stan Kenton Duet How Long Has This Been Going On? (Capitol)
    Book Marcel Proust, "Remembrance of Things Past"
    Luxury Item A Swiss Army knife with a toothpick, or
    a coffee maker, or
    the late pianist B.J. Papa (for his anecdotes)
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