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  • Lincoln Adler (2008)

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    Lincoln Adler was born in Los Angeles but grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, ultimately attending UC Berkeley. He graduated to tenor saxophone while in high school after a decade or so study with clarinet and, before that, piano. In addition to formal music instruction, he studied privately with a number of teachers, including one of his influences, Joe Henderson. (Other influences include Eddie Harris--to whom he pays tribute on the opening track of his recording "Are You in There?"--Stanley Turrentine, Dexter Gordon and Johnny Griffin.)

    Returning to Los Angeles for a while, Lincoln spent half a decade with the Mildred Snitzer Orchestra, featuring on piano that jazz musician manqué, Jeff Goldblum. They played regularly around Los Angeles, including an appearance as the opening act at the Playboy Jazz Festival.

    Perhaps because he was so often in the company of movie people during this period, Lincoln's interest in photography developed (pun unintentional) to such a degree that it's been said, only a little tongue-in-cheek, that he could make a living at it if the jazz doesn't work out. (Check out some his work at his web site.)

    Back home in the Bay Area, Lincoln is on stage most frequently with Times 4, and runs his own recording label, Groove Tonic Media. A firm believer in technology, he seeks out like-minded musicians to co-operate with him, positively encouraging them "Do try this at home."
    Pick Artist Album Song Label
    # 1 Dapp Theory (Andy Milne and Gregoire Maret) Y'All Just Don't Know Con Alma (Concord)
    # 2 Sonny Rollins Saxophone Colossus Strode Rode (Prestige)
    # 3 Stanley Turrentine Joyride River's Invitation (Blue Note)
    # 4 Steve Turré, featuring Cassandra Wilson Steve Turré In a Sentimental Mood (Verve)
    # 5 Rosa Passos The Best of Rosa Passos É Luxo Só (Velas)
    # 6 Dexter Gordon Homecoming (Live at the Village Vanguard) 'Round Midnight (Columbia)
    # 7 Lizz Wright Dreaming Wide Awake Dreaming Wide Awake (Verve)
    Book Yamamoto Tsunetomo: "Hagakure: The Way of the Samurai"
    Luxury Item "A foot locker full of the best chocolate I could get"
    Alternate Picks/Not Broadcast
    Alt 1 Branford Marsalis Quartet Eternal The Ruby and the Pearl (Universal Music)
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    George Cotsirilos
    09 Feb
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    13 Apr
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