Desert Island Jazz
Eddie Marshall (2000)

(Photo by Ron Pelletier)

Pick Artist Album Song Label
# 1 Saikouba Badjie A Land of Drummers Sibangal Village Pulse
# 2 Larry Young Unity Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise Blue Note
# 3 Bud Powell The Bud Powell Trio Plays (Back Home Again in) Indiana Roulette
# 4 Cedar Walton Ironclad Bremond's Blues Monarch
# 5 Miles Davis Water Babies Water Babies Columbia
# 6 Herbie Hancock The New Standard New York Minute Verve
# 7 Thelonious Monk Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane Trinkle, Tinkle Riverside
# 8 Marian Verbruggen unknown unidentified piece by Antonio Vivaldi unknown
# 9 Christian McBride Number Two Express unknown Polygram
Book "My bird book"
Luxury Item "A bunch of recorders ... a hammer and nails ... and my binoculars"
Castaways by date
Paul Anastasio
25 Sep
Macy Blackman
19 Jun
George Cole
21 Aug
Alex Condé
06 Mar
Kit Eakle
04 Sep
Phillip Greenlief
13 Feb
Noah Griffin
06 Nov
Tammy Hall
27 Feb
Alan Hall
22 May
Christian Howes
27 Mar
Kymberly Jackson
03 Apr
Julie Kelly
20 Feb
Maya Kronfeld and Valerie Troutt
29 May
Jennifer Lee
17 Apr
Steven Lugerner
24 Jul
Steve McQuarry
05 Jun
Jacqui Naylor
13 Nov
Dave Newhouse
14 Aug
Zack Rogow
24 Apr
Holli Ross
17 Jul
Ellen Seeling
02 Oct
Richard Seidel
09 Oct
Edward Simon
31 Jul
Tessa Souter
23 Oct
Steve Turré
07 Aug
Donna Viscuso
20 Nov
Patrick Wolff
16 Jan