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Arthur Blythe (2001)

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A singularly distinctive and uniquely distinguishable stylist, Arthur Blythe is considered one of the greatest alto saxaphonist's of his generation. Born in Los Angeles, May 7, 1940, and raised in San Diego, CA Blythe's beautiful, passionate and expressive sound validate his reputation as one of the most significant jazz musicians of our times.
Influenced by johnny Hodges, Earl Bostic, Tab Smith, monk Cannonball and John Coltrane, Arthur he began his career on the alto at nine years old and by 13 was playing in an r&b band. Moving back to LA in the late 50's, Blythe became a leading member of a lively and creative avant-garde jazz scene.

Arthur started working with the inimatable pianist-composer Horace Tapscott with whom he made his first recording. In 1969, Arthur made his records debut on Tapscott's "The Giant is Awakening."

Blythe settled in new York City in 1974 and has since built a stellar career while performing in a variety of jazz-oriented, world music environments. His aesthetic vision is broad enough to embrace that which is traditional, the modernist and the experimental impulse in contemporary jazz.

Various Arthur Blythe ensembles have included African drums, Turkish Percussion, Violins, vialas, electric guitar and tubs, in addition to piano, contrabass and drums. His individualistic instrumental blends are acknowledged for their recognizable, yet personal, musical statements.

Arthur's discography, as a leader or guest artist, extends to over 50 albums and includes ten seminal CBS Record albums, recordings with the Roots Band, The Leaders and The World Saxaphone Quartet he made during the 80's. In the 90's, AB has recorded for the Clarity, Enja, and CIMP labels, amonth others.

His filmography includes: "As Above, As Below," "Sweet Jesus, Preacher Man," "Story of our Lives," and the 1998 jazz documentary, "Ninth St." for which he performed the solos of Charlie Parker.

Arthur Blythe recently completed artist residencies in Germany and in ParIs as "Banlieues Blues." He is currently an endorsee of Rico Reeds and represented the company at the 1998 convention of the Nat'l Assoc. Of Music Manufacturers.

Arthur Blythe Continues to be a respected audience favorite in Germany, England, France, Switzerland, The Netherlarnd, Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Australia and Russia, as in the US.
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