Desert Island Jazz
Jeff Chambers (2007)

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Milwaukee native Jeff Chambers has made the San Francisco Bay Area his home for some 20 years. He left the the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, where he first began to play acoustic bass, early, for what he calls the “University of [pianist and vibraphonist] Buddy Montgomery”. Since then, he's toured all over the Americas, Europe and the Far East, and played and recorded with a Who's Who of internationally famous musicians from Benny Carter to Don Cherry.

Jeff has taught at various institutions including The Brubeck Institute at the University of the Pacific, San Francisco State University (San Francisco, CA) and The Jazz School in Berkeley, CA).
Pick Artist Album Song Label
# 1 Deep Rumba The Night Becomes a Rumba I Wish You Love (American Clave)
# 2 Deep Rumba The Night Becomes a Rumba The Bronx with Trees (American Clave)
# 3 Petrona Martínez La Vida Vale la Peña Tierra Santa (Abril Records)
# 4 Miles Davis Kind of Blue So What (Columbia)
# 5 Miles Davis Sketches of Spain Will o' the Wisp (Verve)
# 6 Los Van Van Llego ... Van Van Permiso que Llego Van Van (Atlantic/Caliente)
# 7 Charanga Forever Dice Formell Charanga Forever (Fantástica)
# 8 Ella Fitzgerald Ken Burns Jazz How High the Moon (Verve)
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