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Chuck Huggins (2001)

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Chuck Huggins is best known as the longtime president/CEO of See's Candies, Inc., but could also be described as a "man for all seasons."

Along with his corporate achievements, he is a community and civic leader, a philanthropist, strong family man and lifetime jazz aficionado.
Raised in Portland, Ore., Huggins served as a U.S. Army paratrooper in World War II. He then attended Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio, receiving his degree in English literature in 1949.

After college, he and his young wife, Marian (better known as Mime) headed West. In 1951, he began his half-century-plus relationship with See's Candies, first as manager of the company's packaging department and followed by every other position in the organization until he was named president/CEO in 1972.

Today, the company has more than 5,000 employees and 200-plus stores throughout the western United States and sales revenues in excess of $300 million.

The qualities that have made Huggins successful in business also apply to his active community and civic life.

He is a member of the governing board of Filoli Center in Woodside and has provided major material support to OICW, the Menlo Park-based occupational retraining agency. Huggins has also served as a board member of the Family Service Agency and San Mateo County Council of Boy Scouts.

His 48-year union with his late wife, "Mime," produced four children and nine grandchildren.

Subsequent to the passing of his first wife, Huggins remarried. He and his wife, Donna, currently reside in his longtime Woodside home.

Balancing his corporate success, strong family ties and his ongoing active community involvement is his love of music -- epitomized by his passion for Dixieland jazz. Huggins' great love for jazz found an outlet in his longtime friendship with San Francisco's Turk Murphy, the great Dixieland jazz musician and band leader.

His love of music extends beyond his role as a patron to such events as the Stanford Summer Jazz Festival. Occasionally, he also exhibits his own skills as a drummer and vocalist. .
Pick Artist Album Song Label
# 1 Louis Armstrong Greatest Hits When It's Sleepy Time Down South (Columbia)
# 2 Eddie Condon Jammin' at Condon's When My Sugar Walks down the Street / I Can't Believe That You're in Love with Me (Columbia)
# 3 Count Basie Montreux `77 Li'l Darlin' (Pablo)
# 4 Jim Cullum Shootin' the Agate Burnin' the Iceberg (Stomp Off)
# 5 Duke Ellington 70th Birthday Concert Black Butterfly (Solid State)
# 6 Ella Fitzgerald with Duke Ellington's Orchestra Ella at Duke's Place Duke's Place (Verve)
# 7 Turk Murphy Turk Murphy's Jazz Band Favorites New Orleans Stomp (Good Time Jazz)
# 8 Benny Goodman Carnegie Hall Concert Sing, Sing, Sing (Columbia)
Book Cornelius Ryan, "The Longest Day"
Luxury Item See's Candies, of course!
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