Desert Island Jazz
Ed Earley (2007)

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Ed Early Attended University of Missouri.

He taught general Music courses from 1974-1980 at a public school in St. Louis,Missouri.

He has played with the Albert King Blues Band and was a musician for the Hotel and Lounge circuit in the midwest.
Pick Artist Album Song Label
# 1 S.E. Willis Luckiest Man Alive Luckiest Man Alive (Merrimack)
# 2 Ed Earley Band Going on Blue Run Run Baby (EEB)
# 3 Zakiya Hooker Flavors of the Blues Drowning in Your Love (Pointblank)
# 4 Michele Lindeen Song Inside Me No Money, No Honey (Milestone)
# 5 Ed Earley Band Raggedy Old Car Blues Smokey's Fishing Hole (EEB)
# 6 Terry Dolan Still a Pirate Vain River (Private Pressing)
# 7 Rhythmtown-Jive On the Main Stem Kidd Jordan's Second Line (Globe)
# 8 Joe Louis Walker Blues Survivor Rainy Nights (Gitanes)
# 9 Elvin Bishop Ace in the Hole Pigmeat on the Line (Alligator)
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