Desert Island Jazz
Harvey Wainapel (2001)

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Originally from upstate New York, Wainapel studied at Berklee College of Music for two years, during which time he recorded (and performed at Carnegie Hall) with vibist Gary Burton. Following a two-month tour of Tunisia, Wainapel settled in Europe for five years, including one year with the German Radio Big Band in Frankfurt. Soon after returning to New York, Wainapel was hired by singer Ray Charles for a 10-month world tour, and then moved to San Francisco. Wainapel has been a key contributor to the Bay Area jazz scene for over 16 years, as well as maintaining an ongoing international impact.

Writes Harvey in the liner notes to The Hang:

"The Hang is a state of being that reflects a state of mind, and always involves other people beside yourself. Could be a Relaxed Hang, might evolve into a Wild Hang, but always the search of well-being and fun. Don't misunderstand, controlled substances aren't necessarily involved; they could help, but also possibly ruin a hang - it either happens or it doesn't, and better luck next time... Things worked out very nicely over a couple of days in June; so thanks for joining us this time. Let me tell you a bit about the soundtrack to this particular hang, which took place in Brooklyn, and now is continuing in your living room..."

Harvey Wainapel concentrates equally on soprano, alto and tenor saxophones. His heavy involvement with the music of Brazil (add clarinet here) is reflected on both The Hang and his second release, Ambrosia: The Music of Kenny Barron, and he has performed with such notables of that genre as Flora Purim and Airto, Dori Caymmi, Manfredo Fest, Claudio Slon, Mike Marshall, Claudia Villela and Weber Drummond.

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# 1 Herbie Hancock The Prisoner I Have a Dream (Blue Note)
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# 3 Duke Ellington And His Mother Called Him "Bill" Blood Count (RCA)
# 4 Joe Lovano Trio Fascination, Edition One Cymbalism (Blue Note)
# 5 Miles Davis Sorceror Prince of Darkness (Columbia)
# 6 Keith Jarrett Shades Shades of Jazz (Impulse)
# 7 Elis Regina Elis O Mestre Sala Dos Mares (Philips)
# 8 Hermeto Pascoal Hermeto Pascoal e Grupo Lá Na Casa da Madame Eu Vi (Som da Gente)
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