Desert Island Jazz
Noel Jewkes (2001)

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I was born in the State of Utah June 18, 1940 of Mormon Pioneer stock and my family were all musical.. I grew up in a musical environment as my Father & Mother and a few uncles formed a Swing band to play for church & school social functions as well as a few Elks and Moose clubs and the local Country Club in Price, Utah. We would also cross over into Colorado and New Mexico to play for farmers and Indians. I joined the band at the age of 12 playing clarinet and saxophone, mainly to save my parents from paying baby-sitter money! The band, known as the Jewkes Orchestra, was a favorite in a country that was basically known for cowboy and country western music. People liked to dance to us because we had a good beat. I later went to college and studied privately, and as I grew older, I felt that I had to come to California in order to grow musically, and I've been here ever since! I sometimes miss the simpler ways of Utah, and perhaps I shall return there someday and teach or just grow old, but in the meantime I do enjoy the multi-faceted lifestyle of California and the wealth of musical talent in this area, and so I'll stay as long as I can hold out and continue to seek new avenues of expression in my favorite music: JAZZ!
Pick Artist Album Song Label
# 1 Sonny Rollins Saxophone Colossus Moritat (OJC)
# 2 Coleman Hawkins Hawk Talk All the Time (Fresh Sound)
# 3 Count Basie Super Chief (LP) Super Chief (Columbia)
# 4 Nellie Lutcher My New Papa's Got to Have Everything (LP) You Better Watch Yourself, Bub (Jukebox Lil)
# 5 Lester Young The President Plays Tea for Two (Verve)
# 6 Miles Davis Jazz at the Plaza, Vol. 1 If I Were a Bell (Columbia)
# 7 Duke Ellington Ellington Indigos (LP) The Sky Fell Down (Columbia)
# 8 Coleman Hawkins Hollywood Stampede Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams (Capitol)
Book Neal Stephenson, "Cryptonomicon"
Luxury Item A case of good wine, some good cheese and some grapes
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