Desert Island Jazz
Bruce Forman (2001)

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Bruce Forman has almost as many strings to his bow as there are on his guitar.

With that guitar he's played and recorded with Barney Kessel (who called Bruce "one of the great lights of our age", Ray Brown, Joe Henderson (who guested on Bruce's recording "Forman on the Job"), Bobby Hutcherson, Freddie Hubbard and Richie Cole (Bruce was a member of Richie's San Francisco-based band in the early 1980s).

Bruce has been a jazz educator shice his late teens. Perhaps most significantly, in 2000 he founded JazzMasters Workshop, a non-profit 501(c)(3) music-mentoring program free to student-age musicians which has presented over 1,500 workshops nationwide. In recognition of this, the Jazz Journalist's Association presented JazzMasters Workshop a "Service To and Beyond Jazz" award.

Bruce is an author, be it musical (e.g., "The Jazz Guitarists Handbook" or "Jazz Band Guitar") or fiction "Trust Me".

Bruce is also an avid horseman, and his jazz and western swing band, Cow Bop, won the Route 66 Challenge, leaving Chicago with a full tank of gas and only $100 in cash, and driving to Los Angeles with no scheduled gigs.
Pick Artist Album Song Label
# 1 Cannonball Adderley Them Dirty Blues Easy Living (Capitol)
# 2 Charlie Parker Charlie Parker with Strings: The Master Takes Just Friends (Verve)
# 3 Wes Montgomery Smoking at the Half Note Unit 7 (Verve)
# 4 Johnny Hartman I Just Dropped By to Say "Hello" Don't Call It Love (Impulse)
# 5 John Coltrane Giant Steps Giant Steps (Atlantic)
# 6 Grant Green Solid Minor League (Blue Note)
# 7 Miles Davis Someday My Prince Will Come Someday My Prince Will Come (Columbia)
Book Flann O'Brien, "The Third Policeman"
Luxury Item My new pickup truck (with its great sound system)
Alternate Picks/Not Broadcast
Alt 1 Hank Mobley Soul Station   (Blue Note)
Alt 2 Wayne Shorter Night Dreamer   (Blue Note)
Alt 3 Miles Davis Four & More   (Columbia)
Alt 4 Miles Davis Friday Night at the Blackhawk   (Columbia)
Alt 5 Miles Davis Saturday Night at the Blackhawk   (Columbia)
Alt 6 Charles Lloyd Forest Flower   (Rhino)
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