Desert Island Jazz
Tony Marcus (2007)

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Known for performing with Cats & Jammers and Leftover Dreams, Tony Marcus plays and sings the great songs of the American songbook with unbeatable swing.

Tony Marcus has long been a presence on the San Francisco Bay Area acoustic music scene. From a st
Pick Artist Album Song Label
# 1 Svend Asmussen Phenomenal Fiddler Nobody's Sweetheart (Phontastic)
# 2 Duke Ellington Chelsea Bridge Chelsea Bridge (History)
# 3 Delta Rhythm Boys Radio, Gimme Some Jive Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin' (Dee Jay)
# 4 Stuff Smith Complete Stuff Smith Recordings Hillcrest (Mosaic)
# 5 George Barnes and Carl Kress Guitars, Anyone? (LP) Willow, Weep for Me (Audiophile)
# 6 Anita O'Day Young Anita Memories of You (Proper)
# 7 Count Basie History of Jazz Guitar Topsy (Proper)
# 8 Joe Mooney Do You Long for Oolong? Do You Long for Oolong? (HEP)
# 9 Rampart Street Paraders Dixieland, My Dixieland (LP) My Monday Date (Columbia)
# 10 The Boswell Sisters The Boswell Sisters (LP) Was That the Human Thing to Do? (Columbia)
# 11 Leftover Dreams We'll Take Romance Now That You're Gone Romance (Tuxedo Records)
Book Charles G. Finney, "The Circus of Doctor Lao"
Luxury Item An Alesis HD24 hard disk recorder
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