Desert Island Jazz
Ron Crotty (2002)
Pick Artist Album Song Label
# 1 Tony Williams Spring Extras (Blue Note)
# 2 Chet Baker Live at Nick's (LP) Broken Wing (Criss Cross)
# 3 Cecil McBee Thembi (Pharoah Sanders) Love (Impulse)
# 4 Watazumito-Shuso The Mysterious Sound of the Japanese Bamboo Flute (LP) Nezasa No Shirabe (Everest)
# 5 Buster Williams Houdini Ouija Board (Sirocco)
# 6 Paul Bley, Evan Parker and Barre Phillips Sankt Gerold Variation 7 and Variation 8 (ECM)
Book "Sunflower Splendor: Three Thousand Years of Chinese Poetry", edited by Wu-Chi Liu and Irving Yucheng Lo
Luxury Item "My Bose radio"
Alternate Picks/Not Broadcast
Alt 1 Harrison Birtwistle Pierre Boulez and Ensemble Intercontemporian Secret Theatre (ECM)
Alt 2 Charlie Haden Closeness N/A (Horizon)
Castaways by date
Alex Condé
06 Mar
Phillip Greenlief
13 Feb
Tammy Hall
27 Feb
Alan Hall
22 May
Christian Howes
27 Mar
Kymberly Jackson
03 Apr
Julie Kelly
20 Feb
Jennifer Lee
17 Apr
Zack Rogow
24 Apr
Patrick Wolff
16 Jan