Desert Island Jazz
Lorraine Feather (2003)

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Lorraine Feather was born in Manhattan. Her parents named her Billie Jane Lee Lorraine after godmother Billie Holiday, her mother Jane (formerly a big band singer), her mother's ex-roommate Peggy Lee, and the song "Sweet Lorraine." She is the daughter of the late jazz writer Leonard Feather.
Pick Artist Album Song Label
# 1 Duke Ellington The Duke's Men, Small Groups, Vol. 2 Dooji-Wooji (Columbia)
# 2 Frank Sinatra Wee Small Hours Wee Small Hours (Capitol)
# 3 Lambert, Hendricks and Ross The Swingers Airegin (Pacific Jazz)
# 4 Dave Grusin Gershwin Connection Prelude II (GRP)
# 5 James Brown 20 All-time Greatest Hits Get on the Good Foot (Polygram)
# 6 Weather Report Heavy Weather A Remark You Made (Columbia)
# 7 Billie Holiday The Quintessential Billie Holiday, Vol. 1 Your Mother's Son-in-Law (Columbia)
Book Random House Dictionary
Luxury Item Chocolate truffles (assuming the availability of reading-glasses and sunscreen)
Alternate Picks/Not Broadcast
Alt 1 Chick Corea Electrik Band Got a Match? (GRP)
Alt 2 Brasil '65 featuring Wanda de Sah Brasil '65 So Nice (Capitol)
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