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  • Michael Bluestein (2003)

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    The first music to really move me was simple. i fell in love with heartfelt, honest songs by Cat Stevens, Paul Simon. Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder, and Carol King. I would sit for hours in my living room playing records, staring at the pictures and reading the liner notes. music unlocked my soul very early and it never let go. one day when I was 9 i started picking out melodies on the piano in our living room and my mom asked if i wanted lessons and i said sure..i progressed very quickly and had a pretty insatiable appetite for it and practiced hours on end. I tore through mozart, chopin, beethoven and whatever pop sheet music i could get ahold of (joe jackson's "steppin' out" and Phil Collins' "against all odds"). in high school i was exposed to more "fusion" like weather report, and steely dan. i started lessons in jazz piano and formed my own fusion jazz trio called "trilight". i went on to study at berklee college of music in boston where I immersed myself in the jazz greats like oscar peterson, bill evans, herbie hancock, and keith jarrett. shortly after college I moved to san francisco and had a thriving career as a freelance keyboardist both live and in the studio with a wide range of artists in the jazz, pop, and "jam band" scene. i also released 3 of my own cds: 2 acoustic jazz recordings and an album of original songs with me on vocals. I have been in LA for 5 years now and have been touring with a lot of different artists: presently I am playing keys and singing background vocals with Foreigner. i have also toured with Enrique Iglesias, Anastacia, Dancing With the Stars, and Boz Scaggs. I have also compose and produce original music for TV and Film.
    Pick Artist Album Song Label
    # 1 Aretha Franklin The Very Best of Aretha Franklin, Vol. 2 Bridge over Troubled Water (Rhino)
    # 2 Herbie Hancock Headhunters Sly (Columbia)
    # 3 Wayne Shorter Adam's Apple 502 Blues (Drinkin' and Drivin') (Blue Note)
    # 4 Stevie Wonder Innervision Too High (Motown)
    # 5 Keith Jarrett Facing You Lalene (ECM)
    # 6 Nancy Wilson and Cannonball Adderley Nancy Wilson/Cannonball Adderley Never Will I Marry (Capitol)
    # 7 Joni Mitchell Blue Blue (Reprise)
    # 8 Miles Davis The Complete Concert: 1964 (My Funny Valentine and "Four" & More) All of You (Columbia)
    Book J.D. Salinger, "Nine Stories"
    Luxury Item An espresso machine
    Alternate Picks/Not Broadcast
    Alt 1 Bill Evans Sunday at the Village Vanguard N/A (OJC)
    Alt 2 Herbie Hancock Speak Like a Child N/A (Blue Note)
    Alt 3 Ahmad Jamal At the Pershing: but Not for Me N/A (Chess)
    Alt 4 Keith Jarrett Standards, Vol. 2 N/A (ECM)
    Alt 5 Brad Mehldau Art of the Trio, Vol. 3: Songs N/A (Warner Bros)
    Alt 6 Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares N/A (Warner Bros)
    Alt 7 Oscar Peterson Night Train N/A (Verve)
    Alt 8 Sly and the Family Stone Fresh N/A (Epic)
    Alt 9 Steely Dan Aja N/A (MCA)
    Castaways by date
    George Cotsirilos
    09 Feb
    Ed Klitsch
    05 Jan