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KCSM's Desktop Player

In addition to great jazz, our desktop player has many useful features such as links to News, Weather, Sports, Traffic and more.

Safari browser users: If you’re not able to use the new player, it’s probably because the latest version of Safari requires you to turn off certain power saving features to allow plugins to load (like Adobe Flash). Power Saving is intended for computers that run on battery to conserve battery power.

Here is the fix: You must disable Power Saver feature completely in order to allow the plug-in to run. To disable the Power Saver function, enter Safari Preferences, go to the Advanced tab, then uncheck the box to “Stop plug-ins to save power”. Reload the webpage/player and it should play properly.

Firefox browser users: If the KCSM player is not working, visit Mozilla Plugins and check to see that your Adobe Flash plugin is up to date.

Questions? Need support? Contact: Techissues

New! Streaming Links

Use the High-speed asx or mp3 links to directly access our new stream via your favorite player.

Windows Media PlayerWindows Media Player All Other PlayersOther Players
High-speed (asx) High-speed (mp3)

For the more advanced user, copy and paste the (green) links below into your favorite media player or device.

AAC+ at 64kbps is "our best sounding stream" that now feeds our desktop player and mobile apps. It works with iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, VLC Player and many more.

MP3 at 128kbps Use if AAC+ doesn't work on your chosen media player or mobile device.

Basic Streaming help/FAQ's

If you have problems connecting to our streams, please contact KCSM Tech Issues

KCSM Jazz 91.1 is available on Channel 962

Comcast Digital Cable is now carrying KCSM FM Jazz 91 on
Channel 962. This service is provided to Comcast ® subscribers who have any level of digital cable service. Contact your local Comcast ® Customer Service Center for more information.