Upcoming Interviews


Date Time Guest Show
Monday, October 24th 3:00pm Rebecca Dumaine & Dave Miller Jazz in the Afternoon
Friday, October 28th 10:00pm Wendy DeWitt and Eliel Redstone Crazy 'Bout the Blues
Friday, October 28th 9:00am Howard Wiley Desert Island Jazz
Sunday, October 30th 8:00am Mary D'Orazi & Marcos Silva I'm Talkin Jazz


Date Time Guest Show
Friday, November 4th 9:00am David Hart Desert Island Jazz
Sunday, November 6th 8:00am Josh Nelson I'm Talkin Jazz
Sunday, November 13th 8:00am Greg Johnson I'm Talkin Jazz
Sunday, November 20th 8:00am Ray Brown I'm Talkin Jazz
Sunday, November 27th 8:00am Randy Weston I'm Talkin Jazz


Date Time Guest Show
Thursday, December 1st 9:00am Hristo Vitchev Morning Cup of Jazz
Friday, December 2nd 9:00am Steffen Kuehn Desert Island Jazz
Friday, December 9th 5:00pm Faye Carol & Joe Warner Jazz in the Afternoon