Upcoming Interviews


Date Time Guest Show
Sunday, August 24th 8:00am Charles Thomas I'm Talkin Jazz
Wednesday, August 27th 9:00am Tim Jackson Morning Cup of Jazz
Thursday, August 28th 9:00am Randall Kline Morning Cup of Jazz
Friday, August 29th 9:00am Marty Grosz Desert Island Jazz
Sunday, August 31st 8:00am Dave Liebman I'm Talkin Jazz


Date Time Guest Show
Tuesday, September 2nd 9:00am Nicolas Beard Morning Cup of Jazz
Sunday, September 7th 8:00am Jamie Davis I'm Talkin Jazz
Sunday, September 14th 8:00am Times 4 I'm Talkin Jazz
Sunday, September 21st 8:00am Hiromi I'm Talkin Jazz
Tuesday, September 23rd 9:00am Laurie Antonioli Morning Cup of Jazz
Sunday, September 28th 8:00am Sean Jones I'm Talkin Jazz


Date Time Guest Show
Wednesday, October 15th 9:00am Wil Blades Morning Cup of Jazz


Date Time Guest Show
Friday, November 7th 9:00am Don Friedman Desert Island Jazz
Wednesday, November 12th 9:00am Maria Marquez Morning Cup of Jazz