Upcoming Interviews


Date Time Guest Show
Friday, October 31st 10:00pm Wendy DeWitt Crazy 'Bout the Blues


Date Time Guest Show
Sunday, November 2nd 8:00am Peter Welker & Deborah Winters I'm Talkin Jazz
Monday, November 3rd 9:00am Cathi Walkup Morning Cup of Jazz
Wednesday, November 5th 9:00am Ravi Abcarian of Oaktown Jazz Workshop Morning Cup of Jazz
Friday, November 7th 9:00am Don Friedman Desert Island Jazz
Sunday, November 9th 8:00am Jeremy Cohen I'm Talkin Jazz
Wednesday, November 12th 9:00am Maria Marquez Morning Cup of Jazz
Sunday, November 16th 8:00am Matt Wilson I'm Talkin Jazz
Friday, November 21st 10:00pm Jules Leyhe Crazy 'Bout the Blues
Sunday, November 23rd 8:00am Pete Douglas I'm Talkin Jazz
Sunday, November 30th 8:00am Natalie Cressman I'm Talkin Jazz


Date Time Guest Show
Monday, December 22nd 9:00am Steve Heckman Morning Cup of Jazz