The Count, The Duke and The King: Three Tales of Bands and Leaders Sat 1/21 10am-2pm Sat 1/28 10am-2pm

Ron Lee | January 19th, 2017


A celebration of the lives of Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Benny Goodman

These three gentlemen represented the top dance bands of the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. The recorded many of the great dance songs like King Porters Stomp, Black and Tan, Take the A train, and One O’Clock Jump.

Benny_Goodman_1942Benny Goodman first became famous in 1935 during a concert in Oakland, Ca. It was the start of his career as a successfull band leader. Earlier his band played live on NBC radio’s Let’s Dance broadcast. Benny Goodman and his band are credited with touching off the swing era of jazz.



330px-Count_Basie_in_Rhythm_and_Blues_RevueCount Basie was one of the most important and influential bandleaders of the swing era.  His amalgam of piano, bass, guitar and drums were known as the “Cadillac of Rhythm Sections”. William “Count” Basie was one of the top swing band leaders of the 1920s. His best known performance are One O’clock Jump and April in Paris.



330px-Duke_Ellington_-_publicityReview the list of Duke’s compostions you get a perspective of why Duke Ellington is considered one of America’s premier composers.  All through the 1920s and on Duke along with his collaborator Billy Strayhorn produced some of the greatest jazz compositions in America.

Listen to Sonny and Mel tell the stories of these three great band leaders and their accomplishments

Saturday, 1/21, 10AM-2PM

Saturday, 1/28, 10AM-2PM

 You can enter the first Winter Sweepstakes drawing for a seat at Sunny Buxton’s Seminar: “The Count, The Duke & The King” at the Fromm Institute in San Francisco, CA.

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