Resonance Band – I’m Talkin’ Jazz – 13 April

Fred Witt | April 10th, 2014

14_04_10_ResonanceResonance Band, a set of hard rock players, is a real switch from the jazz listening arena, and from many of our other hard rock players. The band was formed a couple of years ago.  Based in Denver, they are now in national touring.  Their next stops this month are in Phoenix and San Diego.

Despite their hard rock posture, they exercise notable artistic restraint from driving just on loud playing. Their melody line is open enough to give the lyrics room to be heard, and the instrument mixing is low enough that the vocalists come through clearly.  For the most part their singers really put the words out to the audience.  In many arrangements, the lyrics and score carry both restraint and energy, respectively, feeding both your appetites.  For these relatively new guys, they won’t fry your brain; they accomplish delivering both a message and a mood, and are to be complimented on it.

If you’re up for the hard rock energy with lyrics for the listener, key up some of their tracks from their recent release “Something Better, Something New,” album available from their web site (if not yet from Amazon…).

This coming Sunday morning at 8 am Alica Clancy will interview Resonance for you, for the story on their music.

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