One Call And I was Hooked – Volunteering at KCSM

staff | August 21st, 2017

Volunteer Diane D.

KCSM Volunteer Diane D.

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Diane D., KCSM Volunteer

Looking back, it was the very first pledge call I took that did it – the listener was so nice, and went for a “Phat Pack!”

I was hooked on volunteering at KCSM.

The Pledge Room was a fascinating place to start.

The cast of characters answering phones range from teens to retirees, from musicians to teachers to ministers.  Without exception, they are generous in time and spirit.  For many of them, this is not their only volunteer gig;  away from the station they care for and tutor kids, assist seniors, coordinate community music groups, serve as docents, restore native landscapes, and much more.

The station staff, from producers to on-air hosts to the back office staff work hard to put on the show, but never so hard that they don’t show their appreciation for the phone volunteers.

For the geeks among us, another volunteer opportunity at the station is digitizing the vast KCSM vinyl library.  A lot of great jazz from the past has not been released digitally, so this is our chance to preserve it.  That is rewarding on its own, but an added perk is that you have a chance to listen to great music you may never have heard before.  And there’s job security!  In addition to the KJAZ library we inherited, Chuy is always finding a treasure trove of LPs in someone’s garage or storage unit and putting them into the mix.

If you’re not into phones or computers, but still want to volunteer, never fear!  There are opportunities galore being the face of the station at jazz events, shipping thank you gifts, folding/stuffing envelopes for mailings, helping out in the care and maintenance of volunteer staff, and more.

To find out more about how to volunteer, email

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  1. Mark Benson says:

    I am available to volunteer as I have in the past

  2. tom lem says:

    I’m retired and am interested in finding out more about helping digitize LPs.

    • staff says:

      Great! You can contact Chris Cortez ( to see if he has any openings or to let you know when space opens up.

  3. Donna Ryan says:

    Hi, I’m interested in volunteering for the drive.
    Please send details.

  4. Sandra Florstedt says:

    I’m interested in volunteering for the Fall drive. Please send details on how to sign up. Thanks.


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