New Spring Drive Get-It-All Offers !!

Fred Witt | May 13th, 2016

16_05_13_KCSM_CDsAnswering donor requests, KCSM has pulled together some top of the line “get-it-all” Thank You gifts.  The first one pulls in all 63 gift CD’s, and the second one brings all the CD’s, and all the station logo-wear.  Just call in to the volunteers, or try keying up the “Donate” page on the station web site.


– thank you item 16S48, CD Bundle, at a pledge of $3,200.

Get all the CD’s and the DVD that are being offered during this pledge drive to fill your personal music library.  That’s a whopping 63 amazing CD’s (953 tracks).


– thank you item 16S49, Whole Kit & Caboodle, at a pledge of $4,400

You’ll get the whole kit & caboodle which means every CD, DVD & logo-wear item being offered during the pledge drive !  You’ll fill your music library AND your closet (or your friends, if this is your early Christmas shopping for a good cause [song]).

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